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In her one-person performance, Pauline Sharp embodies the spirit of her grandmother, Lucy Tayiah Eads, first and only female Chief of the Kaw people from 1922-1934.  She passionately expresses the pressures and struggles facing the Kanza in a time of great societal change and challenges in Lucy’s personal life.  For anyone interested in history, Sharp’s portrayal of Chief Lucy is an enlightening and inspiring delight.

James Pepper Henry


First Americans Museum


Pauline Sharp is a time traveler. The beauty of her presentations is that she takes audiences with her, offering insights into the Kanza way of life, spirituality, celebrations, betrayal and family life. Her transformation from Pauline Sharp to her grandmother Lucy Eads is riveting. You simply cannot believe it is the same person. But after hearing Chief Lucy speak, you leave understanding how close we came to losing an entire Native American culture and tribe, and will celebrate along with Pauline and Chief Lucy the wonderful comeback story of the Kaw Nation.

Beccy Tanner

Kansas history writer and lecturer

I , along with Tabor College's Lifelong Learning Program, would like to thank you for the amazing historical presentation you brought to us! Your performance was a riveting account of your grandmother Lucy Tayiah Eads life and impact. Your story was told so well that you brought us back in time and it was as if we were actually listening to her words. You were so into character that some of the attendees did not believe you were the presenter when you were out of costume. Not only was the performance extremely professional but the content was thought provoking and moving. Months later our attendees are still raving about it! Many have said that it was one of their all time favorite programs. Once again, thank you for bringing us this special story. Anyone who books you is in for an amazing performance!

Analisa Defiesta 

Tabor College

Lifelong Learning Coordinator 

I have endured some mediocre first person portrayals over the years, but your presentation of your grandmother Lucy Tayiah Eads is MOST CERTAINLY NOT one of them!!!!!!  You have a first rate presentation that is quite captivating, made even more special because it is your grandmother whom you actually knew.  Amazing.  


You did a splendid job, very professional, talking to us with various emotions.  You were Lucy.

Steve Schmidt


Cottonwood Crossing Chapter

Santa Fe Trail Association

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